Although it appear as if some of the letter were written by lay persons, the truth stands.  The simple things from nature will take down the strongholds of the wise.  Sometimes the more intellectual a person becomes, the more the basic simple things in life pass them by.

Dear Judge Gleeson:

I am shocked to hear that the FDA wants to ban Christian Brothers from providing apricot seeds. I personally had a basal cell on my face which was confirmed by my physician. I ate apricot seeds for several weeks and when I went to the dermatologist to have the basal cell removed it was gone!! My father died of cancer, my grandmother died of cancer, and I eat seven seeds a day for a preventative measure. There are so many benefiting from this that I beg you to allow Christian Brothers to continue helping others with B17. or call me at 818 594-1778.


Michele Davis


Your web site was a God send in my life and the reason that I'm alive today cured of cancer. I had an anaplastic astrocytoma discovered back in '97 that the doctor's told me I had 3 years to live with treatment. I refused most of the treatment and by a miracle received an e-mail one day from your web site after much prayer that lead me to the seeds and the more concentrated B-17 pills that stopped the cancer in it's tracks. Thanks to the testimonials section on your site hundreds of people have called from all over the country asking me about my experiences with B-17 and I have been more then happy to tell them the good news. I still take 5/day as a preventative per the sites recommendation. I just had another MRI and the signal continues to show a shrinkage from the original size first pictured back in '97. My doctor at Mass. General Hospital is Dr. Tracy Bachelor (617-724-8770) my neurological oncologist. He can testify medically to all I've told you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do regarding your situation. In Christ, John Hebert 978-887-0153

Dear Judge Gleeson,

I want to tell you my experience with the vitamin b17 contained in the Apricot seeds and how grateful I am that Jason and Christian Brothers make them available to all of us who have made a personal choice to use them. A little over three years ago, I noticed a growth on my back above my right kidney area. It was just a bump and at the time and I didn't think much of it until it began to grow uncommonly fast. That's when I knew it was more than a mole or a pimple, it was something else. It grew like it had a mind of its own. A friend of mine invited me to a Cancer Victors and Friends meeting which my wife and I attended because we liked the people there and we felt the information would be useful. Well, Sir, the man who spoke that evening changed my life! He was a doctor who had experienced the ravages of cancer in his own body. He had been through the chemo, and had had the operations (showed us the scares to prove it). His story was both scary and compelling. I noticed all through the preliminaries of the meeting he would pull something out of a small plastic bag and eat it. I had no idea what it was. When it came his time to speak he related his story (as I mentioned) then he began to tell about vitamin b17. He told us how skeptical he was at first and that only his desperation motivated him to try the seeds. However, once he tried them, he began to feel better. So he continued to take them and for three years (at that time) had no recurrence of the cancer. Then he showed us a video. I didn't realize at the time how much courage it took for him to show that video and share his story. I didn't realize he could have lost his license to practice medicine for doing it. But, once that video was over, I knew I had to have some of those seeds. I ordered them right away and began to take them. Within two weeks the growth on my back began to shrink. I started eating more and more of them and the growth got smaller and smaller. Two months after I started eating the seeds the growth on my back was nearly imperceptible. But that's not the end of my story. After it looked as though my problem was taken care of, I stopped eating the seeds. I stopped because I hate the way they taste. I don't just dislike the way they taste, I hate the way they taste. For a while after, I stopped eating the seeds and I was fine. But, after a few months I realized that same growth on my back was returning. I didn't want to order more seeds because I hated the taste, and I had so many things going on in my life I just pushed that growth to the back burner (so to speak), I let it go until it was a full two inches in length and an inch in width and stuck off my back about one half inch. I could grab it like a knob or something attached to my back that was  surgically placed there. Finally the rapid growth got my attention and really began to scare me. So, once again, I ordered and started taking the seeds. I began a regimen of eating 40 seeds a day. The first week that growth started to fester like the most horrendous boil you've ever seen. It was so sore to the touch that I could barely move. I was having trouble sleeping at night, but I kept on eating the seeds. About three weeks into my regimen of eating 40 seed a day the dark festering boil that once was only a growth began to ooze a white cottage cheese looking substance. A week later it was oozing puss and blood. I started placing 'drawing salve' on it to draw it all out. About two weeks into the second month of eating 40 seeds a day, the top layer of skin came off when my wife removed my clothes and revealed the most horrible looking hole in my back you could imagine. It had four sections. Two of the sections had not opened yet but there was a definite discernible segmentation of four sections. The two sections that had opened up continued to ooze blood and puss. By now some of the pain began to subside. Getting dressed was becoming easier. Eventually the other two sections broke loose as well. As they emptied themselves, and  revealed a white thin cross-shaped diagram of skin which had separated the compartments. At the end of the second month, that skin diagram let go and the hole in my back began to turn pink and started to heal over. I promise you judge, although I take a good portion of supplemental products for my health, I was taking those products the whole time that growth was growing. It wasn't until I began to take the apricot seeds that it responded and was alleviated. So if the FDA is trying to say this b17 is medical hogwash, they're wrong as they can be. It's true, I never had my growth biopsied. But I know it was cancer! And, then too, Judge, I assure you. I've eaten enough of these seeds to know if they're poisonous or toxic to the body. They only make me feel better. The more of them I eat; the better I feel! These things aren't toxic! They also aren't patentable! Thanks for listening Judge. I hope this helps you!


Robert Matthew Phillips

Judge Gleeson

Eastern District Court.

Your Honor:

My name is Timothy Bowman, Yucaipa, California. I ask the court to allow Christian Brothers to continue to supply apricot seeds in bulk quantities. My own personal healing of skin cancer in 1997 is due to the ingestion of the apricot seed. Two quarter sized blotches on the back of my left hand, and another on my left elbow, both diagnosed as early stage skin cancer, disappeared after three to four weeks and have never reappeared. I continue to consume 6-7 seeds daily as a maintenance dose. Your Honor, consider that anyone is free to purchase apricots, peaches, nectarines, and other "stone fruits." I do so freely and eat the raw seed from the pit of any of them. Christian Brothers simply makes it easier to obtain the seed that I want to buy as a finished product in bulk. I find the "stone" fruit seed no different from other various nuts available in stories today. It is a naturally occurring food. Are these good fruits to be banned too if you rule against the sale of the apricot seed?

Thank you Your Honor for your time, Timothy Bowman, Yucaipa, California.


Judge Gleeson,

I am writing on behalf of Christian Brothers with regard to the current attempt by the FDA to shut down Christian Brothers because of their sale of Vitamin B-17 and educational materials relating to Vitamin B-17. In December, I discovered a tumor on my left testicle. By March, the tumor was still there and had grown to the size of a grape. I ordered Vitamin B-17 and Apricot Seeds from Christian Brothers and after two weeks, the tumor is completely gone. In total, my treatment consisted of the elimination of coffee and carbonated beverages along with the addition of 2 grams of Vitamin B-17 daily, 4 grams of Vitamin C daily, and 3 grams of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) daily. Vitamin B-17 was discovered nearly 50 years ago and has been proven safe and effective in the treatment of cancer for thousands of people for decades. The FDA calling it a "New Drug" saying that "there is no evidence that [Vitamin B-17 is] generally recognized as safe and effective for their intended uses" is a form of doublespeak, and is literally incorrect. Vitamin B-17 is not harmful. The FDA was created to protect the public from sham medical "cures" and unsafe food. What business do they have preventing the distribution of educational materials (especially educational materials that are the "evidence" they fail to see)? On one hand, you have treatments consisting of ways to cut, burn and poison the body; on the other, a naturally occurring herbal extract with no known toxicity. It does not take a Ph.D. to figure out who has the sham cure. Please do what you can to stop the obviously corrupt FDA from continuing to oppress and murder the people of the United States for the profit of an already rich few.


Thomas Elliott Jarvis

2321 Firman St. Chesapeake VA 23323-4103

Honorable Judge Gleeson:

I am writing this letter because I am concerned. I am concerned about what is going on with the FDA and Christian Brothers. The FDA is attempting to prohibit Christian Brothers from selling apricot seeds and Vitamin B17(Laetrile). Exactly what is going on here? Is it that --

1.) Apricot seeds/Vitamin B17 are harmful to humans? -- I know of no truthfully documented cases of this happening. Besides, common over the counter pain medications kill hundreds a year, and they have never been outlawed by the FDA.

2.) Christian Brothers is making false claims about the effectiveness of Apricot Seeds/Vitamin B17? -- Surely not. You would only have to see and read the hundreds, perhaps thousands of testimonies of people who have been helped by this natural substance. Besides, if Apricot Seeds/Vitamin B17 was an inert/ineffective substance, no one would be pursuing this issue. Also, the effectiveness of Apricot Seeds/Vitamin B17 is widely known outside the USA.

Just think for a minute-- What if there was a highly effective treatment for cancer, it occurred naturally, it was relatively inexpensive and easy to administer, and could not be patented. This could potentially damage a billion dollar industry quickly. I believe that pharmaceutical companies are not interested in curing cancer--only interested in making money.
I myself have benefited from the effectiveness of Apricot Seeds/Vitamin B17, which among other things, helps lower blood pressure and balance pancreatic functions such as hypoglycemia.

I pray that you seek out the facts and use sound logic in your decision concerning this matter. Not only is this an issue about the FDA and Christian Brothers, but it is an issue about our freedoms and the ability to make our own accountable personal decisions as Americans. I do not support the increasing government involvement in making decisions for me; and, I do not support the increasing trend in government bullying "Legislation by Litigation".


Scott Grady

Brandon, Mississippi

Hi Jason Vale,

I am watching an HBO special named "Cancer: Evolution to Revolution" that is intended to educate it's viewers on the advances of cancer therapy. I am writing you this e-mail in complete shock over the material they are reporting. I have been a true believer of the benefits of vitamin B17 for over a year now and never miss a day without my daily dosage. The program has reported the nature of cancer is best described as a "traitor" of an individual cell in the body that decides to reproduce itself. There has been no mention to dietary deficiencies that can be the possible cause. I am watching children who are being poisoned with chemo drugs and describe the pain they endure with this treatment. It's heartbreaking. I have referred every person I know (including my immediate family) to review the information listed in your web site. I've distributed your video of "a world without cancer" in hopes to educate individuals of this disease. The information given in this HBO presentation is in clear conflict with your views. My question is: will you ever decide to go public (a similar HBO special) with your life story to rebut the false information being circulated to the viewers of pay television? I truly believe the public has a right to know what other alternatives they have available to them besides what the medical community has to offer.

Sincere Regards,

Robert Gdyk

Judge Gleeson

Eastern District Court

Judge Gleeson,

My husband is in remission from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma due to supplementing his nutrition with apricot seeds. These seeds are such a blessing for a cancer patient. It is a tragedy that in this country we cannot procure many plain whole foods without government interference. One cannot understand the importance of obtaining apricot seeds until one "has walked in the shoes of a cancer patient". Our only source is from Jason Vale. Please do not put this small company out of business. Who knows - you or your family might need a source of apricot seeds to supplement nutrition when a condition attacks you. Many of us are only trying to take care of ourselves the way that God intended in his holy word. Thank you for your time.


William & Kerry Keneipp

5501 Vista Lejana NE

Albuquerque, NM 87111

Subject: Re: FDA trouble, more stories....


What's with them? I would like the federal government OUT of my life. I thought there were laws passed recently that permitted herbal remedies to be sold under the auspices of being "dietary supplements". Why do they want to put your operation out of business? Actually, I "think" you and I both know why, but I usually get accused of being a conspiracy theory whacko when I try to explain. 1998 was a hard year for us. I left a job of nearly 13 years and moved some 550 miles in advance of my family. We had trouble selling our house where my wife and kids were, so I drove the distance nearly every weekend to visit them. During this year, I came down (along with a lot of other people) with a very nasty form of bronchitis that soon turned to pneumonia. Doctors treating me over prescribed antibiotics and destroyed an essential flora in my intestinal tract and I soon had serious problems! My wife is a neuroscience RN and when I told her that I was taking the apricot seeds for back pain brought on by long road trips and this illness, almost the first thing she said was that I would poison myself because "everybody knows apricot seeds have cyanide in them..." I've been exposed to cyanide before and after eating the first two pounds over 60 days or so I was quite convinced that there wasn't cyanide in the seeds I recovered VERY quickly from this illness after I began eating the seeds. The backaches disappeared within a week. The doctors told me that it could take more than a year to fully recover. I had read in information provided by your site that taking enough of the seeds would cause changes in moles on the skin. At one point, after about a month of taking the seeds and feeling much better from the intestinal ailment, I decided to up the number of seeds that I ate each day from about 8 to 30. After about two weeks, I noticed that several moles in various places on my body became tender and larger than usual. One in particular was on the back of my neck and I've had it since I was about 6 years old (I'm 36 now). I can remember it getting nicked when I got haircuts. It would bleed and was quite an annoyance. After eating this increased number of seeds for about two weeks, this particular mole literally came off on my finger when I rubbed it one morning. The really strange thing is that there was practically NO blood and there's barely a mark on my neck where it used to be. For the record, I am a fellow brother in Christ, but am also skeptical of the claims made of laetrile and the apricot seeds. However, I know what I've experienced know and you've got my story. I'm not usually in the habit of discussing my health history with strangers, but I believe there is medicinal value in the apricot seeds that you supply and would hate for the federal government to put you out of business.

... Kev

TO: The Honorable Judge Gleeson

Eastern District Court

RE: Vitamin B-17

Dear Judge Gleeson,

I write this letter not only on my behalf, but also for the many individuals I have worked with as a counselor throughout the years who discovered the truth about cancer prevention and cure by using products containing vitamin B-17, or Laetrile. I first learned of using the vitamin therapy when one of my best friends from high school was conducting nutritional research at UCLA Medical Center during the early 1970's. Although his primary focus in research was sickle cell anemia, and also using mega/opti dose levels of the B-Complex vitamins to stabilize schizophrenia, he studied the positive effects of using laetrile (B-17) as a preventive for cancer of every kind. At that time, I was interested in his research, but not interested enough to begin using it myself. However, after nearly 20 years working with patients who had one form of cancer or another, I grew increasingly disgusted and interested again in the information my friend at UCLA Medical Center had shared with me 25 years ago. I began to find out as much as I could about the use of B-17 not only as a preventive for, but also as a cure for cancer. I discovered that the different forms of the products had been made available once again in the United States, and started eating the apricot seeds, and getting the rest of my family started on them as well. We are all cancer-free, even my wife, whose mother died after a horrible two-year battle with breast cancer, radical double mastectomies, radiation and chemotherapy.

If you have not read the book "World Without Cancer", then I suggest that unless you at least do that, any decision you make in favor of the FDA in this case will be seriously flawed. Forgive me for being so bold, but I work in the State Mental Health System here in Texas as the Court Liaison and as a trained scientist. After working in the "disease industry" for many years, I am appalled at the aggressive efforts of the research and pharmaceutical companies who continue to use not only private, but public monies to continue their well-funded attempts to discredit treatments and therapies that actually work, because they could not increase their profits by producing and marketing them they destroy them in order to convince the general public that only THEY have what works. I believe that when we look back on the 20th century, what we will be most ashamed of is that we allowed them to make us believe that their treatment was actually about producing cures instead of making money. It's an old unwritten rule that says..."if we cure them, then we cannot keep them coming back, and if we cannot keep them coming back..."

Make the best decision you can, but if you rule in favor of the FDA as was done years ago, those of us using B-17 products will just have to obtain them outside the US. And if it's a criminal offense then I guess millions of us will become criminals, so be it. I'll NOT stop supplying my body with B-17 because I am convinced that it works to not only prevent cancer but cure it as well. Do me a favor as one who represents me as a citizen, arm yourself with COMPLETE knowledge about laetrile and don't give in to the side with the most money and influence,let the truth guide your decision.

Thank You For Your Valuable Time


John W. Rowlett,MS

Court Liaison


P.O. Box 408

Hunt TX 78024-0408

(H) 830-238-4294

(W) 830-896-2211 Ext.6910

Dear Judge Gleeson:

This letter it to state that I currently take Vitamin B-17 to supplement my diet with apricot seeds that have been supplied by Christian Brothers. I take these seeds because I have experienced an overall improvement in my health since taking them. I work in a chiropractic office and have seen several patients' health improve since taking these seeds as well. I am concerned that the rumor that I heard is true. Is the FDA really trying to withdrawal these seeds from the open market? If you have anything to say about this matter, please hear the people out.....WE WANT TO BE ABLE TO OBTAIN THESE SEEDS THROUGH CHRISTIAN BROTHERS FOREVER. It seems silly to make a mandate against the selling of a seed that is found in a food source that is so readily available to the public. What would be next, no more sunflower or pumpkin seeds? That is silly. The seeds of fruits and vegetables often contain the most nutrients of the fruit. What does the FDA support, the bioengineering of fruits that will have no seeds? That sounds healthy and natural. It will be only a few short years before there will be some major problem being caused by the bioengineering process. Perhaps they should focus more on the drugs that they approve. It seems that everyday more and more drugs that the public was told were completely safe are being pulled off the market because of serious side effects. If you look at the track record of the FDA, you will see that its not too good. Please contact me at (203) 829-6670 if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Thomas Woodman

To whom it may concern I'm 65 yrs old I had surgery 4 months ago with 1 yr to go predicted by surgeon liver & lower rectum cancer I've been on apricot seeds for one month now and feel better since taking them less pain more energy enough to getting part time job six days a week part time & thank the good lord for still being alive any questions be glad to answer at above email add please let me be able to order apricot seeds forever god bless


Honorable Judge Gleeson,

We are currently facing an epidemic of preventable cancer here in the U.S. due to the extreme amounts of processed foods that have no value to our health. I have an uncle who has prostate cancer who is paying $1200 for 1 pill and 1 injection. We have several close friends that were just recently diagnosed with cancer and know several other people that have been battling cancer for several years but are losing this fight. The "treatments" (Chemo and Radiation) that are so widely used here in this country destroy the immune system. My wife and I have researched cancer for the past several years and are totally convinced that cancer is a vitamin deficiency and is totally preventable despite what the A.M.A., F.D.A. and especially the big money monopoly PHARMACEUTICALS have to say. Melissa and I have been eating the apricot seeds and the vitamin b-17 for more than two months now. Each of us are currently eating 6 seeds per day for prevention. Melissa has always had severe constipation following her menstrual cycle and sometimes wouldn't have a bowel movement for days and upon several occasions even considered taking her to the doctor. The apricot seeds gave her immediate relief and has not had a problem since! I myself have had problems with constipation but have not one problem since eating the seeds and I feel very good. Thank God neither one of us have cancer and certainly will do what it takes to prevent it. We have never had any ill effects what so ever after eating the apricot seeds, in fact we rather look forward to eating them. We can't afford health insurance because it is so ridiculously expensive. Five months ago I had an ray and a 15 min. doctors visit and it cost me $250. We sincerely hope that with all of the testimonials of the benefits from the apricot seeds that you will allow those who wish to chose this method of treatment or prevention will be allowed to do so. It is a sad shame that monopolies are allowed to dictate the type of treatment we can and cannot receive. In this case the seeds are natural therapy and natural prevention. Your Honor, the apricots we purchase at the fruit stands, grocery stores and grow ourselves have these seeds, will the F.D.A. try to keep us from eating those too?

Thank you for your time and may God bless you,

Mark and Melissa Harden

Marseilles, IL.

God bless you and we are in prayer for you!
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