The story starts 23 years are some recent health situations I am dealing with besides curing myself of  terminal cancer 23 years ago, and then getting thrown in prison for contempt of court concerning the apricot seeds.  The prison situation is spoken of further down this page.

Click here for the present situation involving and operation I just had in order to remove the infected plastic that had been built inside my chest cavity to my ribs, in place of the ribs that were removed 21 years ago.

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 My name is Jason Vale and I know the answer to cancer.  Apricot seeds, or foods with the same components as apricot seeds.   This is agreed upon amongst many top scientists and nutritionalists including Dr. Krebs who wrote chapters of our present day Biology text books.  I had cancer three times, the first time when I was eighteen years old, the second time at 19 and then 15 years ago at 26.  Since the last time, I've been eating the apricot seeds as my only therapy along with some basic diet changes.  The first time I was operated on and the second time, a combination of operation, chemo, radiation and small diet changes....but the third time...APRICOT SEEDS and apricot seeds only!   Found in over 1200 foods, which we don't eat anymore in our culture, the components of the apricot seed make it nearly impossible for cancer to grow in a body free of cancer.  For a person that has cancer, there are many different scenarios however, start eating the seeds immediately, weather or not you are doing chemo and radiation.  I just spent 5 years in prison for contempt of court because I was accused of refusing to stop selling apricot seeds 




     At 18, 1986, for months, the doctors from four different hospitals diagnosed me with pneumonia. Upon exploratory surgery, a huge tumor the size of a grapefruit between my back and ribs was found. This was causing fluid in my lungs to build up. The lab results revealed that I had a very rare form of cancer called the Askin's tumor . Upon researching my disease in medical libraries, my father and I found that this particular tumor had a 100% mortality rate.(For the doctor's report click here)  Of those who had the Askin's tumor, all tried either chemo or radiation, yet within a year or two had all died despite their attempts.  At that time, there were only 40 reported cases. As I began preparations for radiation treatments, I was completely consumed by the overwhelming information I had just discovered.  I jumped off the radiation table, went home and played.  I figured that if it was to grow back it would grow back in the same spot.  If I took radiation and chemo, I figured it may grow back uncontrollable everywhere.

     When I went home, I immediately rejoined my hockey team and started playing handball again. However, due to the rapid growth of the tumor, within a year my back pains felt as they did when I was first diagnosed.  Follow up Cat Scans showed that the tumor regrew where it had been and also had now invaded my spinal cord barely allowing me to walk. My father pushed for an immediate cat scan. The hospital gave me an emergency appointment the next week, but my father wasn't pleased with waiting that long. Somehow, he convinced them to see me immediately. It turned out that the same tumor was bigger and stronger than ever. They operated the very next day. I found out later that if they had waited to operate, I would have either lost my ability to walk or severely impaired it.

     It was at this time that I decided to do what those spoken of in reports didn't do, take both the chemotherapy and the radiation at the same time. The doctors were hesitant to do so because the toxicity level caused by chemo would be further multiplied by the radiation. They agreed so I started the treatments, and in only two months was 40 pounds lighter with such a low blood count that I nearly died.  I was rushed in for a blood transfusion.   It was right then that I changed all of  what I ate without even realizing it. The chemotherapy made me so sick that I would nearly throw up  just at the smell of my old favorites such as Chinese food, KFC, and even pizza. All I could eat was chicken soup,  sunflower seeds and only a select few of my mom's favorites.  

     About seven years later, during a routine scan, as I was taking 40 Tylenol # 4 with codeine per day it was discovered that I had a tumor in my kidney. I told the doctor my thoughts were that all the medication I was taking was the direct cause of the tumor. He found this theory to be silly. Upon research, I found that pain killers have been proven to cause kidney carcinomas, which was what I had.  He disagreed completely.  Later, it was shown through various tests, that the tumor in my kidney was malignant. It was about to start all over again. I went to the kidney specialist who said I had to get my kidney taken out. Yet the more questions I asked him, the more aggravated he got. I simply wanted to know as much as possible about my disease so I could be in a position to make an educated decision. I left his office, returned once, and then never again.  I received subsequent certified letters from his office warning me of the dangers I was in if left untreated. It was fun making paper planes out of them.

    Russian Jewish Christian I am, and strict...whatever that means...for a Russian Jewish Christian.   Faith kept my eyes open.  Through my church, I learned of a man who once worked in university laboratories under Albert Einstein some 55 years ago. His name is Sal Catapano and is now 92. Sal owns the patent for, and administers the Typhoid vaccine to cancer and AIDS patients. This is a natural immune stimulant that naturally raises the T-4 and T-8 cells in your blood more effectively than anything else. My first step toward recovery was in visiting this man and receiving the Typhoid vaccine. The pain went away in my kidney and cat scans showed the tumor shrinking. My immune system was encapsulating the tumor, protecting the rest of me.

     About two months later, a friend from church gave me the videotape '"World Without Cancer" which is when I discovered what causes cancer, and the simple way to stop and/or prevent it. For three years, I had been researching government documents, cancer journals, lectures and individual testimonies. All of the information I had seen in "World Without Cancer" was true. How could there be such a simple known answer to this disease that's not on the front cover of every newspaper? The response is deeply politically and financially rooted. The simple apricot seed is the answer, just as the orange was the answer to Scurvy, as yeast and liver to Pellagra and other vitamin B foods to Rickets and Beri beri. Over a million sailors died from Scurvy and the answer was simply vitamin C, found in an orange. Almost entire countries were crippled by Pellagra and the answer was vitamin B. The same is true with Rickets, Beri Beri and many others.  I shout to you through spending a five year prison sentence on the issue and with my own life story as well as thousands that I have seen and dealt with, the answer to cancer is known!  Nitrilosides, a major component of apricot seeds.

     As I ate the cyanide filled apricot seeds, the cancer seemingly dissipated from my body. Remember, cyanide is found in thousands of foods, but these foods are no longer found in our diets. Such foods include Lima beans, Caribou meat, millet and wheat grass. It is not only healthy but also essential for our well being.  Of course, we've all heard a story where someone drank cyanide poison and died. This is not the case however, when it is found naturally in foods, in which case, cyanide kills the bad cells and only the bad cells found in our body.  An explanatory example can be made with water or salt. When hydrogen and oxygen atoms are joined to form the compound, the result is the harmless substance water. Yet, when hydrogen is separated it can be deadly. The compounds in which cyanide are found are also quite safe, actually less toxic then sugar or table salt. It also contains the simple answer on how to prevent and/or cure the disease with out ever having to go to the doctor for it.

     I was on the Television Show 'Extra' and many others which featured my story of becoming the world champion Arm Wrestler and ridding my body of cancer using the apricot seeds.  Eventually the FDA busted in my home, confiscated the apricot seeds and put me in jail for five years without a single complaint.  This is another story in itselft which can be found throughout this website.  Click here for some of the FDA trial transcripts.   Click here for some prison stories

     I am now 42 years old, with the same tumor in my kidney.  It has grown to about 4cm due to my lack of a steady regimen of apricot seeds from being in prison.  Although every radiologist that viewed my vascular kidney mass concluded it is renal kidney carcinoma, they second guess themselves when they find out I've had it for nearly 16 years.  I tell them how when I eat the seeds the tumor shrinks and that when I stop eating them, it grows. I need prayer now for my addiction to Oxycontin and Oxycodone which I get for the pain, yet overdo it tremendously.  I am thinking of trying the African herb Ibogaine which has helped people get off of opiates in two days with no signs of withdrawal.  In addition, this Iboga plant induced deep meditation which helps the person to lose his desire to overuse the drug he or she is using.  There is also evidence of 10 grams a day of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) enabling a person to get off opiates without withdrawal effects.

Click here for sports accomplishments

Click here for court case with govt.


Before I found the truth about cancer, I was featured in a book by Robert Brody called, 'Edge Against Cancer' along with nine other athletes and their bout with cancer.  After the book was written was when my third episode with cancer began....Here are the 33 pages from the book written before I found out about the apricot seeds...

Click here for the book part one


Below, video of News Story on Fox Five

Other stuff

Click here for Recent New York Times Article and Video give a partial Summary of my past situation.

After I came out of the prison I started arm wrestling again.  Below is some video

Jason Vale Wins Queens Strongest Arm Sept. 2009


While in prison, I developed an internal bacterial infection on the plastic mesh that had been installed in my chest when 18.  The infection became uncontrollable by the end of 2008, a few months out of prison.  The infection was lanced by the hospital and by me as I tried to take supplement to subdue the infection.  Unsuccessfull, the foreign plastic had to be debrided out of my body for the infection to heal.  The plastic was just giving the bacteria a place to rest without worry due to no blood supply from past radiation to the area and due to plastic not having veins...

Below is from the winter of 2008 (As of May 2010, there is still a four inch hole in my back closing slowly).


Pictures of wound after operation of March 23, 2009  to stop internal chest infection from the plastic mesh put in my body 23 years ago when the cancer was taken out along with some ribs.


Below is a recent video from April 2010 of therapy I am now using to help close up the hole in my back.


Pictures of wound after operation of March 23, 2009  to stop internal chest infection from the plastic mesh put in my body 23 years ago when the cancer was taken out along with some ribs.



Above is the recent surgery I had on March 23rd 2009 in which a Broncho plural coetaneous fistula was partially taken care of.  The plastic mesh that was infected was taken out from inside.  The hole goes a lot deeper than you see here because my muscle flap is covering that part that goes deep past my rib cage in into my plural cavity.





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