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Go to for your seeds or call 800-379-5668.  There are many companies selling apricot seeds from Turkey which are far less bitter and not as effective. Do not get the cheap, sweet ones. I have personal friends who ate seeds and still developed cancer because the apricot seeds they were eating were of inferior quality, not as bitter. Do not get organic apricot seeds. They are sweet and the other type of organic seeds are not as bitter as they need to be. The small amount of pesticides found in non-organic apricot seeds are negligible. Get organic fruits and vegetables for juicing daily. Using non-organic fruits and vegetables is where dangerous levels of chemicals can build up in your body, not from 20 tiny apricot seeds.

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Below is a combination of different foods, therapies, nutrients and herbs that those battling cancer use in conjunction in order to build their immune systems strong enough to encapsulate tumors and/or kill them off. 





  1. Ultra Lax.  Take one or two capsules of ultra lax capsule for digestion stimulation first thing in the morning.   Take is with an organic juice preferably.  Click here for the Gerson therapy. on juicing.
  2. Take a few apricot seeds every couple of hours.   As long as you get between 15 and 30 seeds ingested per day.  Chew them or grind them and put them in apple sauce, oat meal or what ever you like...don't cook them.    If you can only have a few then at least have a few but you must ingest the apricot seed to get the nitriloside (the nitriloside is the component in apricot seeds, lima beans, wheat grass and many other foods that have cyanide in it that kills cancer cells) into the body.  Some people may only need a few seeds a day and will get the same success as someone else taking 30.
  3. Enzymes.  Take your enzymes after meals…two, three or four per meal, just be sure to take at least six for the first three week cycle.  (Unless you are under 100 pounds and feel you should take less).
  4. Take some herbal teas such as Essiac tea which was touted as a cancer cure by itself in Canada some years ago.
  5. Coral calcium.  Put a coral calcium tea bag or more, in your daily supply of water. (You can drink the water throughout the day or drink the water and the vegetable juice or just vegetable juices as the Gerson Therapy has it.  .
  6. Milk Thistle will strengthen your liver (the most important organ in the body for fighting sickness) and kill parasites in your blood and other body.  Grind up the seeds and make tea.  I just put 6 cups of good water in a pot and put about シ cup of the ground milk thistle in the pot and let it simmer for an hour or two until I have 2 powerful cups of tea.  Then I leave the used portion of the Milk Thistle in the pot and put some more fresh thistle and another 6 cups of water and let it sit there till the next day.  The next day I simmer it again. There is no exact way but this is one way to make powerful tea.  You can just boil the tea for a few minutes if you prefer.
  7. Vitamin C.  Take large doses of vitamin in the form of sodium ascorbate and not in the form of ascorbic acid.  Two rounded teaspoons is approx. 10 grams.  If loose bowels occur, spread out your vitamin C intake over the course of the day.
  8. Dear Antler Velvet.  Take over the course of the day.  Dear Antler Velvet stimulates your body's stem cell production which helps regrowth of damaged internals.
  9. DMSO.  Apply DMSO to the skin over the area.  You may dilute to reduce skin irritation.
  10. Try some of that new Acai Berry Juice to add into your diet.  We used to suggest Noni but we no longer supply it.  Many doctors use only enzyme therapy for cancer patients and have good results.  Many people use just apricot seeds for cancer and have amazing results.  Many people use the vegetable juicing therapy and have great results.  Many people only use coral calcium to raise their ph. and have positive results.  You are doing all of them together.  Step seven is the step where you get your ph. to a non acidic level by using our coral Calcium or some other powerful ph. balancers such as Cesium and baking soda therapy. 

According to which organ your cancer is in, add the herbal capsules we supply that are specifically for that organ.  We supply  Breath for the lungs, Pancreaide for the pancreas, Prostate and Willow Flower for the prostate, Willow Flower for Uterine or cervical cancers , etc.  Our immune tincture is recommended for the first months of therapy.

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  All of the above will work better if you have a vigorous exercise in your daily life.  If walking is the most you can do, then do it please.  If you can wrestle and box, then do it!



Important! If you are too nauseous and want to stop…DO NOT STOP COMPLETELY.  It is better to take one seed per day then none at all and better to take some enzymes then none at all.  I have seen one seed per day shrink down tumors and one glass of coral water take away pains and headaches.  Please do blame us when blood pressure normalizes, glaucoma disappears, Diabetic condition improves, Cancer shrinks down, moles and warts fall off, skin improves and you live longer.  Give G-d the glory for directing you in your eating habits, your spiritual, emotional and social lives.


Warning:        Light therapy alone saves peoples lives.  Light therapy,
back during the discovery of Penicillin was about to be the new healer
of the century.  (Get in the sun)  "People near death, with formerly untreatable conditions, were remarkably restored to complete health, the future of light therapy seemed assured.  At about the same time, however, antibiotic treatment made its' debut.  Since antibiotics also treated numerous diseases successfully, and since they had the additional advantage to the medical community of requiring the production of prescription drugs, they soon became the treatment of choice.    Though photoluminescence the body's defenses are organized rapidly to destroy all invading organisms, whether viral, fungal, or bacterial.  The immune system comes to life and brings the body back to a state of balance. (From the Healing Power of Light, by William Campbell, MD)  This booklet tells of the doctors that were curing cancer, Aid’s, Blood Poisoning, Bronchopneumonia, Polio and many other diseases with light therapy alone.  One intense method of ultraviolet light therapy is where a patient’s blood is drawn from one arm, treated with light therapy and put back in the body through the other arm. (You may not be able to find someone who gives this therapy so we suggest walking in the sun.)
Light can bring people back from the very brink of death.  It stimulates the 
immune system, cripples viruses and acts as a chemical catalyst for our cells with the 
enzymes, minerals and juices to work correctly and create the proper proteins
and immune system attack cells. The type of light therapy we are suggesting consists of just laying or exercising in the sun.  The ultraviolet light therapy
, which we are studying, is only good for studying now because we can not figure out
the exact machines that were used in the past that cured people of so many diseases.
The sun makes the plants grow and gives life on earth through the order God has
laid down. Get in the sun an hour a day while you are sick along with an In Home Clinic.  The sun will help cause the supplements, which you are taking to actually do what they are supposed to do.

                                The apricot seeds can make you nauseous

Coral Calcium Japan's Secret to Long Life.  It detoxifies the blood and raises the body's ph. suffocating malignant cell division.  The DMSO is a tree bark extract that goes deep into the body.  If you put some of the DMSO on your hand you will be able to taste it in your mouth in a matter of seconds because it goes through the skin in to the blood stream. It is used in all of the hospitals in Mexico and is completely non-toxic as it helps heal many different ailments besides being a transporter for the herbs that you will currently be taking.  Please read about DMSO in the book Politics in Healing or in the enclosed info.   Enzymes digest the cancer cell wall and other proteins in the blood.  Coral lifts the ph. of the body fluids  so your body fluid go toward optimum ph. levels as cancer and sickness grows in an acidic environments only and not in a base environment.  Coral in the water also restores the minerals to the body and acts as an anti-oxidant.  Coral ionizes the water as well.   Your vegetable juicing will also raise the ph. of the fluids as restore strength to the cells.  The milk thistle strengthens the most important organ in the body (liver) and cleans the blood.  The ultra lax rejuvenates the intestinal track, cleans out the debri so that the colon and intestines can absorb nutrients as they are intended to.  The Vitamin C stimulates the immune system, promotes circulation, empowers the heart and other organs and helps remove unwanted metals and mercury from the cells.


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