When I first walked into the Brooklyn Detention Facility, and was assigned my top bunk in a dorm of 120 inmates, split into 6 rows and separated by the double lockers between each bed, I took my slippers off, climbed up into my bed and pulled the covers over my head and fell into comfortable, peaceful daze. I heard no stop chatter, laughing yelling and card playing.  Spanish and English, more Spanish then English and a faster spoken Spanish then I had ever heard before.  They were all just playing.  A bunch of boys in a boys camp playing.  "Jason Vale"  was called on the PA system which sounded more like Jacoon Vaylay, some pronunciation that had to be repeated about 8.5 times, louder and louder until I recognized it as mine.  Intake.  My initial intake and cloths allotment of a pair of Blue slippers, four tee-shirts, two prison uniforms, a belt, a few pair of socks and underwear, a cup, a plastic spoonfork or spork as it's' called,  a four inch metal knife a pair of brass knuckles and a gun.  They gave me two rounds of ammunition and a grenade.  Okay no knife, gun, ammo or grenade, but they would have been nice.  They did give me a metal Master's combination lock which is used as a weapon in prison by putting it in a sock and swinging. I just used it to keep my few belongings safe. Click here for a quick drawing of the dorm set up...

More coming ...I just started this June 9, 2010

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