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World Without Cancer 60 min video. The truth about the apricot seed and how the answer to cancer is known.


World Without Cancer (368 page book by Edward Griffin). The truth about the apricot seed and the politics holding this back in a 350+ page paperback.


Politics in Healing. Former Congressman Dan Haley blows the whistle on the known cures for diseases and how each one was pushed out of the U.S. 



Coral. One month supply. 50 gms of Coral derived from Sango Coral in Japan.  


DMSO 99.5 % Pure dmso.  5 bottles for 50.



Milk Thistle . Organic milk thistle seed.  Used as a tea for liver cleansing. 1 pound


Willow Flower Herb. Prostate. Stops frequent urination in two-three weeks by helping the body un-swell the prostate. Strengthens the prostate and helps clear urinary problems. シ pound.  1/2 pound is $88.00


Megazyme Enzymes 200 tablets (Pancreatin 1250mg, Papain 150mg, Bromelain 150mg, Trypsin 125mg, Lipase 50mg, Amylase 50mg, a-Chymotypsin 3mg Rutin 100mg, Raw Calf Thymus conc. 55mg, Zinc gluconate 10mg, Super oxide dismutase 50mcg, Catalase 200units L-Gluthathione 10mg.) Three tablets 3x per day



Coral. Three month supply. 90 tea bags of Coral derived from Sango Coral in Japan.  When we are out of tea bags you will be receiving lose coral, 150 grams rather than 90, however, not in teabags.  One gram scooper included.



Coral Bone Powder. Used for Acid reflux and bone density rebuilding.



Joint Heal (120 tablets. Helps your body stop arthritis pain by rebuilding damaged parts. (Best taken with coral calcium). Purchase of two bottles receives a free bottle of DMSO.


The following are Christian Brothers Organ herbs and should be taken in conjunction with your individual therapy for cancer or detox.









ANTI 120 capsules. Herbal combination that will kill a cold, flu, and in most cases pneumonia before they come out. To be taken at the onset of one of these problems. INFECTIONS in the bladder and urinary tract will be completely eliminated in most cases. Kills viral an parasitic loads. Should also be used just for a one week cleanse. One bottle should be finished over a 4-6 day period. You should always have a bottle in your medicine cabinet. (contains garlic, shinacea, chaparral, licorice, rosemary, pau d’arco, siberian ginseng, cayenne). YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTLE IN THE MEDICINE CABINET AND THE MOMENT YOU FEEL A COLD COMING ON, FINISH THE BOTTLE WITH FOUR DAYS. ANTI DOES A HOST OF OTHER GOOD FOR THE SYSTEM BESIDES KILL INFECTION. PNEMONIA HAS BEEN REPORTED TO GO AWAY WITH IN 48 HOURS AFTER BEGINNING ANTI.




KIDNEY 100 capsules. Herbal combination for the kidney and bladder. Rids kidney stones, infections and strengthens the kidneys. If using for kidney stones, double dosage should be used with water and hyssop extract. (contains parsely, uva ursi, mallow, juniper, buchu, cleavers, corns silk, dandelion, yarrow, gravel root and hydrangea root.)




LIVER-GALLBLADDER Detoxifies and flushes the Liver, tone and cleans the gall bladder. Gives a general cleanse of the system. Should be used with any liver or gallbladder ailment or just to do a routine cleanse and organ strengthening routine. (dandelion, barberry, plantain, burdock, oregon grape, yarrow, cleavers, uva ursi, blue flag and beet juice.)





BREATHE 100 capsules Herbal combination for the lungs. Should be used with any lung disorder. Clears mucus out of the lungs, rejuvenates scarred tissue, relieves congestion in thhe bronchioles, bronchus and trachea and is a dilator. It heals and soothes raw irritated mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. (contains Mullein, elecampane, bayberry, comfrey, horehound, coltsfoot, lobelia, yerba santa, lungwort and cayenne.)





ULTRA LAX 100 capsules The most amazing product for bowel movements on earth. Not only does it ASSURE that you move your bowels, but it strengthens, cleans and rejuvenates your intestinal tract from your stomach – upper intestines – lower intestines- colon. ANY CONSTIPATION WILL DEFINITELY BE ENDED. Should be taken with a full glass of water.





PANCREAS 100 capsules Herbal combination for the pancreas, strengthening, detoxifying and rejuvenating this vital organ. Those with any pancreas problem should use this herbal combination for three months at a time. May be used simply to strengthen the pancreas without any known problem. Diabetics should megadose with this herbal combination..(contains cedar berry, licorice root, goldenseal, comfrey, cascara, sagrada, cayenne and bladder pod.)







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